Connecticut Rx Card Testimonials

I recently lost my job and insurance. A friend told me about the Connecticut Drug Card and how it might help me afford my medication. I can't believe how much it saved me. I take a generic form of Flomax which costs around $120. I gave the card to the pharmacist and the price came down to $18��_..I was in shock! Thank you Connecticut Drug Card for helping me through this tough time. Everyone needs to know about this program!

Ted F.
Greenwich, CT

Thank you for this card. When I lost my job in March 2013, I also lost my health insurance. Without the Connecticut Drug Card, I would never have been able to pay for my blood pressure medicine. This card has literally "Saved my Life". I tell everyone about you!

Mark J.

Just used my CT Drug Card for the first time, saved me over $120 on a $400. prescription! Definitely wasn't thinking that big of a discount but super grateful for it! Thanks! :)

Tony T.

My son' s insurance does not include prescription coverage. The doctor told my son, be sure to pick up a CT Drug Card at the checkout window. He went to Target to fill his prescription, the full price was $71.00. Well, to make a long story short, the pharmacist was as surprised as we were when our $71 drug was discounted to $42. "It worked," he said.

Patty A.

I was really skeptical about whether this was one of those "Too good to be true" situations. Free? Huge savings? Easy to use? How was that even possible? So imagine my surprise when I went to get my prescription refilled yesterday and saved over $90.00! Without the CT Drug Card, my regular cost would have been $179.00, with the card it was $86.00. I wish there was some way I could assure everyone that this is NOT a fake testimonial, it's the absolute truth. If you have no prescription coverage, you absolutely must have this card. I am so very grateful that this card is available.

June P.

Today was the first time I used my Connecticut Drug Card and was quite nervous. My eyes got wide as saucers when the pharmacy said my cost had been reduced from $180.00 to $19.75, a savings of 89%! I will definitely be spreading the word!

Mary T.